Interior Color Trends 2012

The most trend color of 2012 is grey. Warm grey, light grey, charcoal grey. Soft pinks, golden yellows, calming or denim/indigo blues, violet, and grassy greens are also very modern and very trendy interior design color for 2012, as well as, warm red, maroon, orange, turquoise, and cobalt blue. Orange and yellow will be a trend, but delicate. It must be added that trends of black and white will never end so you can use them on every corner of your house.

A sense of calm, mysterious, spiritual, can be manifested in the selection of the color purple, as well as other soft colors. Violet color is adaptable for all styles. The color purple will be the trends of the interior in 2012. This color will be widely used because people want to go back to get a sense of tranquility. Now look the purple interior color trends 2012 for furniture and home interior design with picture below:


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