Marble flooring

Whenever I speak about home interior design, the first thing which comes to my mind is the choice of the right flooring.

Why is it important? Floor is the base, which supplies the required atmosphere and energy inside the house.

As for me, I always go for natural materials, because they bring harmony to your home. The basic rule for choosing the right flooring is to consider the climate of your area.

If you live in colder climate zone then you should think over installing a floor of wooden materials, because it brings in warm atmosphere.To southerners I advise to choose marble flooring — by its soothing touch it will supply your home with cool air inside, especially when the sun is burning in the horizon.

If you have mild climate, then choose different materials for each room. For example, choose wooden materials for bedrooms, and marble for the guest room. Marble’s rich classical depth will make the room look luxurious, elegant and larger. It is also an ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchen floor, because marble is easy to take care of.

Marble has the original shine. Besides, it is a long lasting flooring, and this quality reasons the expense. I like Italian marble most, as it has original color patterns.

Natural marble is usually white, red, black, mottled and banded, gray, pink and green. The beautiful lines and colors running through it, make it really fabulous for your home interior design. They are available in different styles, designs and patterns. So you can create any impression and unique impact that you would like.

For bedrooms, choose marble of any tone or two tones. The preferred colors are earthy ones. With a two color pattern you can create an original and elegant bedroom. For bathroom and kitchen floor, choose mosaics with colorful random quadrates. But for living-room and large foyers it would be better to choose marbles with large floral or dramatic mosaics. This will make your home interior design extremely impressive.


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