Using Abstract Artworks for Interior Design


Untitled Artwork – This is a large abstract artwork for a client made to their size and requirements 250cm x 190cm. This shows how a large abstract artwork of this size can complement the home decor and complete the interior design of the room. This shows that you should not be afraid to create large abstract artworks because bigger is usually better.

Galaxy Bondi Beach Artwork – Creating Abstract art can be fun. When using this art painting technique, creating abstract art becomes a easy art lesson.

Flowers Abstract Artwork – This is a great example of how Abstract Art can change a dull, bland area into a warm and welcoming space.

Midas Touch Installation – Here is an example of the abstract art painting technique being used in creating wall art in conjunction with an Interior Designer. This is what home decor art is all about. Once you have the art technique mastered, then you are off and running creating abstract art to suit the home decor. This abstract artwork is in home on Sydney Harbour, and as you can see, it compliments the rest of the home decorating and really finishes off the room.

Tribal Unity Artwork – Is a simple but very effective abstract art technique for creating great abstract art.

Hidden City Brown Artwork – In this example of abstract art, you can see how we have coordinated the colour tones of the home decorating with the colour tones of this large abstract art. Hidden City is one of those abstract art styles that can be easily created to compliment your home decor. You can use your leftover house paints to create this 200cm x 100cm abstract artwork. This large wall art is as easy to create as a much smaller artwork would be.

Grasses Abstract Artwork – Home decorating art comes  in many forms. You can create abstract art to suit your home decor as in this example of Grasses. Here the interior designer has utilized this abstract artwork to enhance his client’s entry foyer. Grasses is one of those abstract art styles that can create a soft welcoming feel to a room. This home abstract artwork can be created to suit your home decor. Here, the olive green background was leftover paint from a feature wall in the living room. By using the olive green, the interior designer has cleverly coordinated the foyer with the living room.



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