The Chedi Muscat: luxury, calm and voluptuousness in Oman

Tired of the superficiality? Want some authenticity? Think Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman for a peacefully stay at Chedi Muscat, with views on the Hajar mountains and the Gulf of Oman. A breathtaking landscape welcoming in its home a luxury, simple and accessible hotel, contemporary with some Arabic touches  distilled wisdomly.

45 minutes away from Dubai by plane, Muscat is the alternative after a chic getaway for three days in the oversized city of United Arab Emirates. Designed by architects and interior designers from Denniston Architects and Jean-Michel Gathy, The Chedi Muscat is a absolute quiet place where Arab atmosphere is Zen and comfortable. Contemporary, the hotel has a beautiful water garden created by Karl Princic.

A good place for romantic and inspired walks by the moonlight (to avoid during the day since the barometer is flirting with 45°C). In the afternoon you can enjoy one of the two swimming-pools of the hotel, the Serai directly overlooking the private beach and the Chedi exclusively reserved for adults. There is a gourmet restaurant and a spa where Hoosta recommends you test the “Love Bath Ritual” based on a love potion and some rose petals, to share with your loved one, cakes and champagne are mandatory.


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