Feng Shui Dining Room

Feng Shui supports the ideals of unity within family life, and the dining room is a place where we strengthen our social and family bonds, through communication and nourishment, of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.

The atmosphere of your dining room will have a significant impact on how you feel while you are eating. Looking at your dining room from the perspective of Feng Shui, some of the factors that will contribute greatly to your digestive system, the overall health of your body, and your social interaction include:

Most experts agree that the dining room should not be located too close to the front door or people will want to eat and run. To remedy this place a screen or beaded curtain to obstruct the view of the door from sight. Even a crystal ball can be hung to provide an energetic symbolic curtain. If the view from the windows is distracting one can also put up half curtains or reversible window blinds to block the distraction and bring the focus back.

It is ideal to have a dining room area with four walls surrounding the table. This creates a very relaxed, safe dining experience and encourages healthy conversations as there are no distractions. Also, if you are relaxed and feel safe, you will eat more slowly and your digestive system will be healthy and supportive.

Your dining room table should have adequate light that is centered over the table. This is to highlight what is important, because without it we may lose focus. If it is not possible to install a lamp over the table directly, you can mount a spot on a nearby wall to shine onto the table, or bring in a standing lamp, or my favorite, candlelight, to soften and improve the mood and chi at the table.

Art and Accessories
The focus of the Feng Shui dining room should be the table and not the other objects in the room. Therefore it is very important to keep your dining room table as well as the dining room free of clutter. Evaluate your Art and decorations making sure they reflect and support your overall goals and focus.

Shape of Your Table
The most ideal table shapes for a Feng Shui dining room are a square, round or oval. A rectangle is good as well if it is not too long. Dining room tables that are missing corners are considered unlucky except for the octagon which is considered to be an auspicious shape. It is also important that the dining room table is not too cramped in a space. This allows the chi and people to move freely and easily around the table.



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