House with stunning view at the Atlantic Ocean

Beautiful architecture, excellent design and amazing views will just leave you breathless …

This modern and minimalist masterpiece, is located in Camps Bay, South Africa. The villa is fully open to the environment, providing an incredible view of 270 degrees at the Lions Head and the Atlantic Ocean, with a horizontal hole in the roof that extends over the terraces. The interior displays unpretentious color palette and materials, beige and black, refreshing furniture, modern and shiny surfaces, which reflect the environment, making the house look almost invisible. The rooms are in the west, with magnificent views of the sea .

Living space is on the north side of the house, providing a sense of openness. All rooms in this area have an excellent relationship with the covered and uncovered terraces, and the combination of interior and exterior is spectacular. The upper and lower level are very similar in that each level is fully equipped for individual housing. The ground floor is different, because it contains a space for staff. On the first floor, which is raised above the neighboring houses, offers a view of 360 degrees.


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