Gervasoni – Letti&Co.

Letti&Co. is the new Gervasoni brand dedicated to the culture of good sleep.
From the strength and style that characterize all Gervasoni’s products and from the artistic talents of Paola Navone – designer and art director of Letti&Co. – a very unique collection of beds is born. Ten refined fabric beds inspired for a variety of homes and emotions: poetic and ironic, delicate and inviting, familiar and unconventional.

Letti&Co. is born as a true project for good sleep. Every aspect – from the staves to the linen – is cared for to ensure that the bed becomes a perfect place, inviting and welcoming.
Every bed model is designed in several sizes to meet even the needs of the international market.
All beds are equipped with fully removable covers and manufactured with beautiful fabrics – natural linen and velvet fabrics – in a refined selection of colors.
All the tailoring details, such as piping in grosgrain – in contrast or matching tone –  underline le shapes of the majority of models.

The bed structure can have surfaces in wood, fixed staves or a frame with mechanical or electrical movements.
Mattresses can be spring mattresses, latex mattresses or allergen-free polymer mattresses. For a truly good rest, quilts are available with goose father padding or double-density synthetic material – one for winter and one for summer – and pillows feature a variety of ergonomic padding.
The Letti&Co. project includes also bed sheets and spreads coordinated in size and finishes to the various bed models.
To make the bed truly special.


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