Hollow Chair

The Hollow Chair brings a new meaning to versatile furniture. Built from 618 individually cut pieces of Baltic Birch plywood cut out with a CNC machine, the elegant, modern armchair has vinyl upholstery and a simple yet effective shape. Designed by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs Inc., this amazing armchair beautifies with its shape and allows further embellishments thanks to its hollow arms and space under the seat.

The fantastic Hollow Armchair can accommodate a varied number of items, from books and toys to spa towels or anything else you can think of, so it could adorn any commercial, residential or social space. The designer explains the inspiration and use of the Hollow Chair: “This chair was designed to remove the excess bulk and 3-dimensional footprint out of a traditional arm-chair. The chair, by itself, is a perfect accent to nearly any environment you could place it in.


One thought on “Hollow Chair

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