To Gather – Tetris Inspired Furniture

Studio Lawrence is the designer of the colorful series of furniture To Gather. To Gathers is more than original. It seems more like a puzzle, made by pieces with different sizes, shapes and colors. It’s blocky style reminds of the video game Tetris. Because these individual elements, you can form many seating combination. You will never get bored of your furniture, and it will never get old. The connections are made through angles and square elements. To Gather can be personalized. It can be easily changed from a loveseat to a sofa, or from a chair without arms into a chair with just one arm, or into an armchair. These pieces can continually transform. They have solid and robust forms, 50cm wide, wider 75cm. This kind of furniture is playful and sophisticated. It is also an opportunity for you and your friends to interact. Their capability to split in individual pieces is helpful when you have more guests than you expected, so you don’t have to be worried about problems. Just enjoy the moment. To Gather will impress you and your friends, for sure, it brings joy and color to your room but it also can be used outside. 



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