Casa Kolonihagen – A Small Holiday Retreat Exuding Intimacy 

Casa Kolonihagen is located in Stavanger-Norway, and it is designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen. It is a beautiful summer house, especially designed for spending summer holidays in fresh air, within a green relaxing landscape.The house is not so big, sheltering a small bedroom and a white and luminous living space. It enjoys floor to ceiling walls, which allows nature and green to enter inside and to bring peace and welfare. The space is limited, but the design creates the illusion of ample space, white and fluffy carpet serving both as a carpet and as a bed, a perfect support for relaxation and meditation. You can easily enjoy a nice and bright morning, with a good book and a coffee on the floor, within a Zen atmosphere, clearing your mind and relaxing your senses, looking through the glass wall outside, to the splendor of the nature. With flowers everywhere and a small space dedicated to the bed, painted in blue and enjoying a window for the view, the atmosphere inside is perfect.

Though so small, the house is big enough for people who love spending most times outdoors, in the beautiful green surroundings. The inside space exudes intimacy and cheerfulness together. A beautiful deck hints the way towards the entrance. You can stay there, enjoying the sun and nature, surrounded by an oasis of relaxation.



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