MIRKO – Poetic furniture & singular objects

This Spanish creative collective, witch is only a few months on the market, bring us something new – design objects in a very special way. They make objects with poetry in mind, objects that are of interest only if there is an emotional connection with them, over and above their usefulness or beauty. They work and produce with maximum respect for nature and apply ethical standards on whole manufacturing process, from initial design to market launch.

img_1 (3).jpg

img_2 (3).jpgmirk-3b-lat.jpgMIRK-3B-W.jpgimg_1.jpgimg_2.jpgmirk-3-lat.jpgMIRK-3-W.jpgimg_1 (2).jpgimg_2 (2).jpgimg_1 (1).jpgimg_2 (1).jpgimg_1 (4).jpgimg_2 (4).jpgMK.SH_.22.jpgMK.SH_.12.jpgMK.TH_.22.jpgMK.TH_.32.jpgMKTH.12.jpgIMG_0022.jpgIMG_0027.jpgIMG_0006.jpgIMG_0034.jpgIMG_9892.jpgIMG_9919.jpgth102.jpgth132.jpg


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